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Kai Garden is dedicated to satisfying your tastes. We have three unique menus to choose from.


ill titleHong Kong Cuisine

Peking DuckA gourmet paradise, the Hong Kong cuisine is mixed and very rich. Honk Kong cuisine is influenced by asian and western world tastes and tendencies. One can savor spicy Sechuan fares, sweet Chiu Chow seafood, crispy Peking duck, Shanghanese dishes and many other wonderful treats.


ill titleTaiwanese Cuisine

ill_2Taiwanese cusine is a rich and varied cusine which has been influenced by both mainland China and Japan and more recently by Europe. Having a taste of Taiwanese food is having a taste of the cultural mixture everpresent in this Island. One can savor Peking Ducks, Shanghai steamed Ravioli type noodles, Steamed sticky rice, marinated vegetable with different meats and a varierty of seafood fares.